United Football League Announces Initial Roster Information


by United Football League

Teams were permitted to protect 42 players and select up to 20 from their respective conference

ARLINGTON, TX — January 8, 2024 — The United Football League, the premier spring football league, has announced the results of the first phase of its player dispersal process, which was held on Friday, Jan. 5.

Each remaining XFL Conference and USFL Conference team protected 42 foundational players from its 2023 roster. Each team was then allowed to select up to 20 players from the rosters of teams within their previous league that will not be moving forward in 2024.

Players not protected or selected in this initial process will be placed in a pool of players who will be available for all UFL teams to choose from, regardless of previous league, in another round of player dispersal on Jan. 15.

Free agency for players who were not selected or did not play in the USFL or XFL in 2023 will continue on Jan. 16.

Click here for a full list from each team.

About the United Football League

The United Football League (UFL) is set to launch as the premier spring football platform, formed by the merging of the XFL and USFL in 2024. The UFL has eight teams in Arlington (TX), Birmingham (AL), Detroit (MI), Houston (TX), San Antonio (TX), Memphis (TN), St. Louis (MO), and Washington D.C.

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